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Why Content Marketing

As a recruitment agency owner, you are no stranger to common staffing challenges:

  • Spending too much time sourcing candidates
  • Spending too much energy engaging with clients

And yet – You’re not seeing results!

You’ve experienced:

  • Candidates rejecting your job offers.
  • Clients declining your services
  • Competitors doing better than you.

Now, you should start to realize that

Your marketing strategy and online presence are more important than ever before.

But, you can’t be the best recruiter out there, work long hours and manage your brand online all by yourself.

That’s where I come in. 

I’m Gem Siocon and I can be your go-to recruitment marketing copywriter

the process

How it works

Plan content based on your recruitment goals, target audience and selected keywords

craft copy based on your chosen content format: job description, blogs, whitepaper, ebook/guides, web copy, case studies, email, social media, etc

send you the draft of the copy for your review and approval.

after final revision, content is now ready for posting and sharing


Content Creation

Let’s develop content pieces that guide candidates and employers in every step of their decision-making journey that ultimately leads to winning contracts and job offers. 


Tired of a yawn-inducing blog post that keep rambling on? I write research-backed and SEO-powered blogs to raise brand awareness and gets readers to trust your advice


Let’s improve your engagement with future clients by producing well-crafted emails and newsletters that assumes it will get into their inbox and be opened , read & acted upon

Web Copy

Make your website work as hard as you can. I’ll help enhance your online presence with web copy that properly conveys into words what your business really is

Job Descriptions & Ads

Hate drowning in a sea of resumes? We’ll work together on drafting job descriptions that clearly defines your requirements and appeals to the right applicant. 

Ebook & Whitepapers

A lead magnet can further establish your credibility. I can help by writing papers and ebooks that successfully positions your solution in the best possible light. 

Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding. Nail your offer by generating case studies using powerful testimonials and stories from happy candidates and clients. 


Content Strategy

Let’s build a content blueprint that ties all your recruitment marketing efforts together in a cohesive and engaging way.

Keyword Strategy

Create content that is not only shareable and impactful but also search-engine friendly. Fueling content marketing with SEO best practices pays off overtime. 

Content Analysis

We’ll analyse your current content marketing materials, your target audience, your top three competitors and recognize content opportunities for your agency. 

Content Mapping

We’ll deliver the right content to the right people at the right time that eventually leads to successful sales and placements. 

Content Calendar

Stop stressing on what type of content to present. We’ll build a 3-6 months calendar with keyword-focused content to reinforce your brand and offers.